Writing Distractions


Distraction is common experience for me. Granted, more often than not, I am trying to write and real life distracts me. The opposite is more rare, but does happen upon occasion. For instance, this Saturday I had every intention of getting many things done, really, I did. I even started off good, getting up early (though not by choice) to drop my daughter off for drama practice.

The writing distraction part happened on the way home. Driving in the car is a little like showering for the writer me–the monkey in my mind is busy, so my other thoughts can be heard. I got thinking about the novel I’m working on, I Feel For You. (maybe because I was listening to the playlist for that novel.) Specifically, I got thinking about the protagonist and the way she views the world. Jane has grown up in an unpredictable home. Because of that, she has developed a fascination of disaster scales and safety rules in an attempt to predict and stay safe from the storms in her house.By the time I arrived home, all thoughts of doing laundry or vacuuming were gone. Here’s what I did instead –

Storm Scales

If Jane is obsessed with it, then I need to know enough about natural disasters and storms to be able to use the correct terminology when sprinkling in her examples and metaphors.







( Writing Distractions)