The Free Lunch Dating Program

“I loved you, but it went away.” Boyfriend Michael Dunning’s words yanked Katie Lancaster’s world out from under her feet–and she still feels like she is falling. After all, she never even saw it coming. They’d planned to get married, they’d been each other’s first love–and then it had gone away? How was that even possible?

Unable to trust others, and worse, unable to trust her own feelings and instincts, Katie struggles to forgive herself and move on. Each day she runs harder, farther, and faster, as if she can leave her previous life behind her.

In desperation, Katie’s friend Kent suggests she join the Free Lunch Dating Program to help her get over Michael. The rules are simple: date as many people as possible, but let no one get too close. If someone doesn’t call you back after a date, it doesn’t matter because it was just a free meal, nothing more.

Initially against the notion of ever dating anyone again, Katie changes her mind when she crashes headlong into Michael with his new girlfriend. Urged on by Kent, Katie and her friends sign up for the Free Lunch Dating Program. What follows is a dating mix of horror and hilarity that just might heal Katie’s heart.

But at what cost? After all, is anything really free?