Poetry for Lent

This year I’m giving up Facebook for Lent. With the time I would have spent perusing social media, I’m going to write. My goal is a poem every day for the 40 days of Lent. Mind you, I’m defining poem very loosely here. It might be as simple as a list, and idea, a sentence, whatever. I don’t claim to be a poet–I just like using that format to reflect on life, the universe, and all matter of other things.

I’ll create a page called Poetry for Lent under the Poetry tab, and you are welcome to check back throughout the days leading up to Easter to see how my goal is coming along. It might very well be a bit like wandering in the desert, but hey, I hope to stumble across some new life somewhere in the midst of it all. I tend to find that if I show, my muse will meet me half way.

2 thoughts on “Poetry for Lent

  1. Let them toss beads and bare their breasts.
    My celebration is lower keyed:
    To clear the counters, tables, desks
    of things for which there is no need
    and leave a list of items three:
    my work; my words; and Sarah’s poetry.

    • This is awesome! I think you should do a poem a day too.
      And my celebration is–maybe sadly–always lower key than tossing beads and baring breasts. : )

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