Day 36 – Poems for Lent

Hope Ravels

   slow but sure
                            Coming apart at the seams
We neglect
         leave it out in the rain
  and watch it dissolve        
                             a little 
with every harsh word
sense of self
Wave over the beach
washing away our sandcastle
                                   by bit  
                                        the silence tears our spirits
    Catching a strand here
                      loosening a piece there
Winds of disagreement and strife
                      crumble our
Widen                the cracks
   hastening the disintegration
Hope is starting to r
on the edges
Do you cut it off  
  w i nd it in?
Is it easier 
to pick apart strands already torn?
Or are we able to see 
beyond frayed hems 
                                   enough to weave us back together?
Do we build or do we tear d
Can I
rebraid my life with yours
to make it stronger?
Or do you prefer to
  stay       apart?
L o o s e ning 
             with every storm
                    that comes our way?