Day 29 – Poetry for Lent

Gone to the birds

Two Pileated Woodpeckers interrupted
my coffee making this morning.
One dwarfs the feeder
a small-scale pterodactyl,
red-crested head bobbing energetically 
as sharp ivory bill
carves out chunks of suet flesh.
Its prehistoric mate
crabwalks sideways on the ground below,
head cocked one way, then another
searching for prey before
extracting some tasty morsel 
with surgical precision.

The turkeys show up next
all twenty-nine of them.
I sit by the slider and 
sip coffee while 
the jakes put on a show
like body builders at the beach
jostling each other in 
masculine power plays.
Puffed up and strutting
they drag their wings
and fan tail feathers 
angling them just so
to impress the ladies
But I'm the only female watching
The hens pay no mind
more interested in filling
their stomachs then checking
out the biggest and
best turkey.

Finally, with a sigh,
I go about my day,
morning having already
gone to the birds.